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Kodak/Creo Platesetters

iFix is your best source on the web for spare parts for Creo and Kodak platesetters. We can supply parts for Lotem, Magnus, and Trendsetter CTP. Most parts listed are in stock and can ship the same day. Choose your CTP model for parts for your machine. If you're not finding what you're looking for, please email us at

  • Kodak Debris Removal Cabinet Blower Motor (Part #376-00040)

  • Northwind UDRC Blower Motor (Part #376-00082)

  • Kodak UDRC Particulate Filter (Part #57-8792D-B)

  • Refurbished TH1.7 Creo Trendsetter Laser Head, 40W

  • Creo Trendsetter CTP MPE Board (Part #10-3692B-A)

  • Creo Lotem 800 II Power Distribution Board (Part #503C1C064S)

  • Creo/Kodak Lotem 800 DDB-1 Board (Part #503D2L153S)
    Lotem DDB-1 Board 503D2L153S

  • Creo Lotem 800 Drum Driver Board (Part #503C2L599M)

  • Lotem 400 Interlock Board (Part #503C2L461)

  • Creo Lotem 400 and Lotem 800 Laser Diode (Part #613A00021)
    Lotem Laser Diode 613A00021

  • Creo Lotem Calibration Sensor (Part #509A3E780)

  • Creo Lotem Local 3 Quantum Motherboard (Part #503C1C051S)

  • Creo/Kodak Lotem MCU Control Board (Part #637-00018A)

  • Creo NUC Board (Part #503C2L182P)
    Lotem NUC Board 503C2L182P

  • Lotem 800 Rear Door Lock Unit (Part #291A2R562)