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iFix is your trusted source for Fuji Dart Platesetter Parts. We stock spare parts for the following Fuji Dart models: Dart, II, E, III, 4300E, and 4300S. Shop our extensive inventory of Dart components online, or email us at


  • Fuji Dart M24 Motor (Part #U1254009-00, 100094740V01)
    Dart M24 Motor (NEW) FJ+100094740V01 (n)

  • Fuji Dart & Javelin E CTP LTB16 Board (Part #S100035013V02)
    Dart/Javelin LTB16 Board FJ+S100035013V02

  • Fuji Dart AC Servo Motor (Part #100100583V00)
    Dart AC Servo Motor, 750W FJ+100100583V00

  • Fuji Dart Blower Control Cable (Part #100085816V02)
    Dart Blower Control Cable FJ+100085816V02

  • New Fuji Dart Blower Motor (Part #100085823V06)
    Dart Blower Motor (NEW) FJ+100085823V06

  • Fuji Dart Blower Unit BU-200 (Part #100211346V00)
    Dart Blower Unit, BU-200 FJ+100211346V00

  • Fuji Dart Centering Cable (Part #100094755V00)
    Dart Centering Cable (NEW) FJ+100094755V00

  • Fuji Dart CON-PTR4XE Board (Part #S100085844V01)
    Dart CON-PTR4XE Board (NEW) FJ+S100085844V01 (n)

  • Fuji Dart 4300E/4300S M55 DC Motor (Part #100094754V00)
    Dart M55 DC Motor (NEW) FJ+100094754V00

  • Fuji Dart PTR4300S M58 Motor (Part #100092836V00)
    Dart M58 Motor (NEW) FJ+100092836V00(n)

  • Heidelberg 425S Plate Punch for Fuji Dart CTP

  • Fuji Dart RCP2-PTR4 Board (Part #U1254023-00)
    Dart RCP2-PTR4 Board FJ+U1254023-00

  • Rebuilt Fuji Dart Tail Clamps, U1254024-01

  • New Fuji Dart Tail Clamps (Part #U1254024-01(
    Dart Tail Clamps, 4pg (NEW) FJ+U1254024-01 (n)

  • Fuji Dart Away Weight Unit (Part #U1250025-01)