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Avalon N4

If you're looking for Agfa Avalon N4 platesetter spare parts, chances are we have the part you need. Below is a listing of the most commonly replaced Avalon N4 CTP parts. Shop online, or email us at if you need assistance.


  • Agfa Acento/Avalon M24 Motor (Part #DN+U1254009-00, DN+100094740V01)
    Acento/Avalon M24 Motor (NEW) DN+100094740V01 (n)

  • Agfa Acento/Avalon AC Servo Motor (Part #DN+100100583V00)

  • Agfa Acento/Avalon Air Filter Element Kit (Filters DN+70584840-00, DN+100253742V00, DN+100046946V00)

  • Agfa Acento Away Balancer Drive Unit (Part #U1254057-02)

  • Agfa Acento / Avalon N4 Blower Control Cable (Part #100085816V02)

  • New Agfa Acento Blower Motor (Part #DN+100085823V06)

  • Agfa Acento Vacuum Blower Unit BU-200 (Part #DN+100211346V00)

  • Agfa Acento / Avalon N4 Centering Cable (Part #DN+100094755V00)

  • Agfa Acento CON-PTR4XE Board (Part #DN+S100085844V01)

  • Agfa Acento/Avalon Display Panel Unit (Part #DN+100350335V00)

  • Agfa Acento/Avalon Display Panel (Part #DN+S100317095V00)

  • Agfa Avalon N4 Hood Gas Springs (Part #DN+100268230V00)
    Acento/Avalon Gas Springs (NEW) DN+100268230V00 (n)

  • Agfa Acento/Avalon1W Can Laser Diode (Part #DN+U1150073-10)

  • New Agfa Acento/Avalon1W Can Laser Diode (Part #DN+U1150073-10)

  • Agfa Acento / Avalon N4 M55 DC Motor (Part #100094754V00)