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If you need parts for your Screen Ultima VLF platesetter, you've come to the right place. We have laser diodes, clamps, punches, and more for Ultima VLF CTP. If you're not finding what you're looking for, please email us at


  • Screen ACON-PTRU Board (Part #S100035473V01)
    PTR ACON-PTRU Board S100035473V01

  • Used Screen PlateRite ARC Board (Part #S100035476V03)
    PTR ARC Board S100035476V03

  • Screen PT-R DC-CON Board (Part #S100038452V01)
    PTR DC-CON Board S100038452V01

  • Screen PTR DCM16E Board (Part #S100093799V00)
    PTR DCM16E Board S100093799V00

  • Screen PTR Display Panel Unit (Part #S100093560V00)
    PTR Display Panel v2 S100093560V00

  • Screen PTR Display Panel Unit (Part #100350335V00)
    PTR Display Panel v3 100350335V00

  • Screen PTR Display Panel (Part #S100317095V00)
    PTR Display Panel v4 S100317095V00

  • Screen PTR ERY88XE Board (Part #S100094302V00)
    PTR ERY88XE Board S100094302V00

  • Screen PTR GZ512_BUF2E Board (Part #S100085498V01)
    PTR GZ512_BUF2E Board S100085498V01

  • Screen PTR GZ512_CPU2E Board (Part #S100064027V20)
    PTR GZ512_CPU2E Board S100064027V20

  • Screen PTR LD Driver Unit (Part #S100102173V00)
    PTR LD Driver Unit S100102173V00

  • Screen LD Unit Assy 512 Ch (Part #100040147V02)

  • Screen PTR Stepping Motor Driver (Part #100038490V01)

  • Rebuilt Screen Ultima 16000 CTP Tail Clamps (Part #S100068437V01)

  • Screen Ultima 24000/36000 CTP Tail Clamps (Part #S100102384V00)