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If you need parts for your Screen Ultima VLF platesetter, you've come to the right place. We have laser diodes, clamps, punches, and more for Ultima VLF CTP. If you're not finding what you're looking for, please email us at


  • Ultima 32000 Stepping Motor (Part #100025495V00)

  • Screen Ultima 32000 VLF CTP Tail Clamp Set (Part #S100016464V00)

  • Screen Ultima Cal Sensor Unit (Part #S100032294V10)
    PTR Cal Sensor Unit S100032294V10

  • Screen Ultima 32000 IMB Board (Part #100037527V00)
    PTR IMB Board 100037527V00

  • Screen Ultima ERY-PTRU Board (Part #100035474V00)
    PTR ERY-PTRU Board 100035474V00

  • PTR BU-320 Blower Unit
    PTR BU-320 Blower Unit S100040973V00

  • PTR Driver
    PTR Driver 100037697V00

  • PTR/FTR Stepping Motor Driver

  • PTR PM82 Motor
    PTR PM82 Motor 100033428V01

  • PTR M52A-2 Motor
    PTR M52A-2 Motor 100031804V00

  • PTR M52A-1 Motor
    PTR M52A-1 Motor 100031803V00

  • PTR M52H-2 Motor
    PTR M52H-2 Motor 100031802V00

  • PTR M52H-1 Motor
    PTR M52H-1 Motor 100031801V00

  • PTR M50H Motor
    PTR M50H Motor 100031818V00

  • PTR M50A Motor
    PTR M50A Motor 100031824V00