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CTP Parts

iFix is your go-to supplier for CTP prepress parts. We carry spare parts for Screen, Creo/Kodak, Agfa, Fuji, and Heidelberg platesetters. Below is a sampling of available parts. Please select the manufacturer then the model of your CTP to find parts for your machine. If you're not finding what you're looking for, email us at 

  • Screen PlateRite Air Filter Element Kit (Filters 70584840-00, 100253742V00, 100046946V00)
    PTR Air Filter Kit (NEW) 70584840-00 (n)

  • Screen PT-R 1W Can Laser Diode (Part #U1150073-10)

  • Screen PTR 8600 Laser Diode (Part #100016405V03)

  • Screen PT-R M24 Motor (Part #U1254009-00, 100094740V01)
    PTR M24 Motor (NEW) 100094740V01 (n)

  • New Screen PTR 4up Tail Clamps, U1254024-01
    PTR Tail Clamps, 4pg (NEW) U1254024-01 (n)

  • Rebuilt 4up Tail Clamps, U1254024-01

  • New Screen PT-R 8000 Series Tail Clamps (Part #S100096323V02)
    PTR Tail Clamps, 8pg (NEW) S100096323V02 (n)

  • Screen PT-R 8000 Series Tail Clamps (Part #S100096323V02)

  • Screen PTR U1 Power Supply (Part #100012684V00)
    PTR U1 Power Supply (NEW) 100012684V00 (n)

  • Kodak Debris Removal Cabinet Blower Motor (Part #376-00040)

  • Northland UDRC Blower Motor (Part #376-00082)

  • Kodak UDRC Particulate Filter (Part #57-8792D-B)

  • Screen PlateRite CTP Head CPU Board (Part #U1154008-00)

  • Screen PTR Head CPU2 Board, 32ch (Part #100009992V01)

  • Screen PlateRite Head DRV Board (Part #U1154009-00)
    PTR Head Driver Board U1154009-00