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CTP Autoloader parts can be hard to find... iFix can help! We stock spare parts for Screen SA-L single cassette and MA-L multi-cassette autoloaders. If the part you need isn't listed, email us at for assistance.


  • Screen PlateRite CON-MAL Board (Part #100004918V00)
    PTR CON-MAL Board 100004918V00

  • Screen SAL8000/SAL8600 CON-SAL Board (Part #U1154500-00)
    PTR CON-SAL Board U1154500-00

  • Screen PTR SAL-E Vacuum Pump Assembly (Part #S100039261V00)

  • Screen PlateRite Fiber Sensor Assembly (Part #S100016834V00)

  • Screen Multi-Cassette Autoloader Servo Drive Unit (Part #100004923V00)
    PTR MAL Drive Unit 100004923V00

  • Screen SAL/MAL Vacuum Pump Assembly (Part #100091659V02)

  • Screen SAL4000/SAL4300 Solenoid Valve Cable Assembly (Part #100003741V00)

  • PTR/Autoloader Pulse Motor Driver (Part #100100628V00)