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Fuji Platesetters

iFix is your trusted source for quality Fuji CTP parts. We carry a wide variety of parts for Fuji Dart, Javelin, Ultima VLF, and violet Saber Vx platesetters. Shop online by choosing your machine model to see popular parts for that CTP. Please contact us at if you need assistance.

  • Fuji Dart M24 Motor (Part #U1254009-00, 100094740V01)
    Dart M24 Motor (NEW) FJ+100094740V01 (n)

  • Fuji Javelin U1 Power Supply (Part #100012684V00)
    Javelin U1 Power Supply (NEW) FJ+100012684V00 (n)

  • Fuji Dart & Javelin E CTP LTB16 Board (Part #S100035013V02)
    Dart/Javelin LTB16 Board FJ+S100035013V02

  • Fuji Dart AC Servo Motor (Part #100100583V00)
    Dart AC Servo Motor, 750W FJ+100100583V00

  • Fuji Dart Blower Control Cable (Part #100085816V02)
    Dart Blower Control Cable FJ+100085816V02

  • New Fuji Dart Blower Motor (Part #100085823V06)
    Dart Blower Motor (NEW) FJ+100085823V06

  • Fuji Dart Blower Unit BU-200 (Part #100211346V00)
    Dart Blower Unit, BU-200 FJ+100211346V00

  • Fuji Dart Centering Cable (Part #100094755V00)
    Dart Centering Cable (NEW) FJ+100094755V00

  • Fuji Dart 4300E/4300S M55 DC Motor (Part #100094754V00)
    Dart M55 DC Motor (NEW) FJ+100094754V00

  • Fuji Dart PTR4300S M58 Motor (Part #100092836V00)
    Dart M58 Motor (NEW) FJ+100092836V00(n)

  • Heidelberg 425S Plate Punch for Fuji Dart CTP

  • Fuji Dart RCP2-PTR4 Board (Part #U1254023-00)
    Dart RCP2-PTR4 Board FJ+U1254023-00

  • Rebuilt Fuji Dart Tail Clamps, U1254024-01

  • New Fuji Dart Tail Clamps (Part #U1254024-01(
    Dart Tail Clamps, 4pg (NEW) FJ+U1254024-01 (n)

  • Fuji Dart Away Weight Unit (Part #U1250025-01)