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PT-R 8x00 Series

iFix is your trusted source for parts for Screen 8up platesetters. We have a huge inventory of parts for the following 8 page models: PT-R8000, 8000II, 8100, 8300, 8600, and 8800. Most parts are in stock and can ship the same day. Shop online, or contact us at


  • Screen PTR U1 Power Supply (Part #100012684V00)
    PTR U1 Power Supply (NEW) 100012684V00 (n)

  • Screen PlateRite Air Filter Element Kit (Filters 70584840-00, 100253742V00, 100046946V00)
    PTR Air Filter Kit (NEW) 70584840-00 (n)

  • New Screen PT-R 8000 Series Tail Clamps (Part #S100096323V02)
    PTR Tail Clamps, 8pg (NEW) S100096323V02 (n)

  • Screen PT-R 8000 Series Tail Clamps (Part #S100096323V02)

  • Screen PTR 8600 Laser Diode (Part #100016405V03)

  • Screen PT-R 1W Can Laser Diode (Part #U1150073-10)

  • Screen PlateRite Head DRV3E Board (Part #S100092797V00)
    PTR Head DRV3E Board S100092797V00

  • Screen PlateRite CTP LTB16 Board (Part #S100035013V02)
    PTR LTB16 Board S100035013V02

  • Screen PTR CTP Head Motherboard, 32 Channels (Part #U1150042-03)

  • Screen PTR Head Driver (DRV2) Board (Part #100009846V00)
    PTR Head DRV2 Board 100009846V00

  • Screen PlateRite Head DRV Board (Part #U1154009-00)
    PTR Head Driver Board U1154009-00

  • Screen PTR8000II 5V Power Supply (Part #118347)

  • Screen PTR Power Supply (Part #151171)

  • PTR Power Supply, 5V, 30A.

  • Screen PT-R 24V Power Supply (Part #151168)