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Agfa Platesetters

If you're looking for Agfa CTP parts, chances are we have the part you need! We have spare parts for Agfa Acento, Avalon N4, N8, and VLF platesetters. Choose a machine model to see popular parts for that platesetter. If you're not finding what you're looking for, please email us at

  • Agfa Acento/Avalon M24 Motor (Part #DN+U1254009-00, DN+100094740V01)
    Acento/Avalon M24 Motor (NEW) DN+100094740V01 (n)

  • Agfa Acento 24 Volt Power Supply (Part #DN+100023567V00)
    Acento 24V Power Supply DN+100023567V00

  • Agfa Acento S 5V Power Supply (Part #DN+100023568V00)
    Acento 5V Power Supply DN+100023568V00

  • Agfa Acento CTP Calibration Sensor (Part #DN+U1150075-01)
    Acento Calibration Sensor DN+U1150075-01

  • Agfa Acento S CTP Cooling Unit (Part #DN+151199-01)
    Acento Cooling Unit DN+151199-01

  • Agfa Acento Display Panel Unit (Part #DN+S100093560V00)
    Acento Display Panel DN+S100093560V00

  • Agfa Acento S CTP Head CPU Board (Part #DN+U1154008-00)

  • Agfa Acento Head DRV Board (Part #DN+U1154009-00)
    Acento Head Driver Board DN+U1154009-00

  • Agfa Acento Head Driver (DRV2) Board (Part #DN+100009846V00)
    Acento Head DRV2 Board DN+100009846V00

  • Agfa Acento S CTP Head Motherboard, 32 Channels (Part #DN+S100050867V02)

  • Agfa Acento E CTP LTB16 Board (Part #DN+S100035013V02)
    Acento LTB16 Board DN+S100035013V02

  • Agfa Acento S RB31 Board (Part #DN+U1154007-01)
    Acento RB31 Board DN+U1154007-01

  • Agfa Acento RCP2-PTR4 Board (Part #DN+U1254023-00)
    Acento RCP2-PTR4 Board DN+U1254023-00

  • Agfa Acento/Avalon AC Servo Motor (Part #DN+100100583V00)

  • Agfa Acento/Avalon Air Filter Element Kit (Filters DN+70584840-00, DN+100253742V00, DN+100046946V00)