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Screen Imagesetters

Screen Katana FT-R5040 and FT-R5055 imagesetters are designed with the primary goal of high quality film output while maintaining impressive production speeds. If you need parts to keep your Katana CTF device outputting film, shop online, or contact us at if the part you need is not listed.

  • PTR/FTR Stepping Motor Driver

  • Katana Burn Unit (Back)

  • Katana Front Burning Out Unit (Part #SU0980054-01)

  • Screen Katana Cutter Unit (Part #U0980215-01)

  • Katana Cylindrical Lens Unit

  • Screen Katana Main Nip Capstan Squeeze Roller (Part #70406161-01)

  • Screen Katana FTR5055 MSEN2 Board (Part #SU0985106-01)
    Katana MSEN Board SU0985106-01

  • Screen Katana ND Changer Motor Assembly (Part #U0980207-00)

  • Screen Katana FT-R5055 SCOM2 Board (Part #SU0985102-03)
    Katana SCOM2 Board SU0985102-03

  • Screen Katana SCSI Disk Unit (Part #U0985024-01)