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CreoScitex Imagesetters

Creo Scitex Dolev drum imagesetters are valued for their reliability and high quality output. If you're looking for parts to extend the life of your Dolev 200, 250, 400, 450, 800, or 800V imagesetter, iFix can help. We stock a select number of Scitex Dolev boards, spinner motors, and more. Shop our inventory of Dolev spare parts online, or contact us at if you need assistance.

  • Creo Scitex Dolev 800 486 CPU Board with Disk on Chip (Part #503C2L930)

  • Creo Scitex Dolev 800 CRI Board (Part #503D29069)
    Dolev CRI Board 503D29069

  • Scitex Dolev 800 Double Cutter Assembly (Part #507E26402A)

  • Scitex Dolev 850 Fast LDR I/F Board (Part #503C2L036S)

  • Scitex Dolev 250/450 Spinner Motor/Dynamic Optics (Part #510P40035)

  • Scitex Dolev 800V Fast Stepper Driver Board (Part #503C39853)

  • Creo Scitex Dolev 800 LDR Interface Board (Part #503C40608S)

  • Creo Scitex Dolev 800 OMC Board (Part #503D28273)
    Dolev OMC Board 503D28273

  • Scitex Dolev RF Modulator Assembly (Part #507C26137)

  • Scitex Dolev 200/400 Spinner Motor/Dynamic Optics (Part #510P28498)

  • Scitex Dolev 800 Stepper Motor (Part #504B26119)