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If you need parts for your Fuji Vx6000 or Vx9600 platesetter, you've come to the right place. We have used spinner motors, lasers, boards, and more for Fuji Saber CTP. If you're not finding what you're looking for, please email us at

  • Fuji Saber Vx9600 Boxer 24V Distribution Board (Part #7A01306)

  • Saber Cassette FWD Motor

  • Saber Digital Readhead RGH22X

  • Fuji Saber Edge Detect Board (Part #7A05937)

  • Saber Edge Detect Laser Module

  • Fuji Saber Vx9600 FHMB POS1 Board (Part #7A07255)

  • Fuji Saber FHMB POS2 Board (Part #7A07468)

  • Fuji Vx6000/Vx9600 FHMB POS3 Board (Part #7A07469)

  • Fuji Saber Vx9600 FHMB POS4 Board (Part #7A07254)

  • Fuji Vx9600 Focus Motor Assembly (Part #7A07108)

  • Fuji Saber Vx9600 Violet Laser Module (Part #7A07628)

  • Saber LPD Board
    Saber LPD Board 7553602

  • Saber LPD Motor B

  • Fuji Saber Luxel System Board MK2 (Part #7A07109/7A06140)

  • Fuji Saber Vx9600 MMI Display Assembly (Part #7A07583)